We are a Berlin-based studio for design & audiovisual content.

We create Motion Design.
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Weltraumgrafik is a Berlin-based studio specializing in Graphic and Motion Design by designer and videoartist Phil Max Schöll.

Our expertise lies in creating immersive audiovisual experiences, particularly in relation to sound, projection, light and space.

Our large-scale videomappings and spacial installations have been showcased worldwide, most notably at Signal Festival Prague, Deutsches Museum Munich and Nuremberg, Yokohama Museum of Art, Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum and most recently at Helsinki Cathedral at Lux Helsinki Festival.

In addition to our artistic pursuits, we have contributed live video content for various incredible live acts such as Moderat, Modeselektor, Paul Kalkbrenner and Ellen Allien.

Professionally, we have contributed motion and graphic design, specialising in event video content. Some of the clients we have collaborated with include Daimler Mobility, Lab1886, Pokemon, Siemens, BMW Mini, Volvo, Lynk & Co, Audi, Deutsche Bahn, Adidas, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, ZDF Neo, Barco, Alstom and Sika.

Our work has received support from Goethe Institute, Mutek Montreal, the Berlin Senate and the GVL, the German Copyright Collection Society.

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We specialize in providing and planning professional corporate video content for trade fairs and product presentations, audiovisual content for live acts, music industry and events, custom video, design and artwork for museums and art festivals as well as event identities or classic motion design for cinema or commercial films.

What we do has been tagged art many times. In our perception, we see our approach as an elevated form of design.

Our approach draws inspiration from classical grid-based Swiss Graphic Design, a proper use of typography and an experimental way to use those given rules by translating them into audiovisual and immersive environments.

Being confronted with new digital possibilities constantly, our focus is not to pioneer every new form of contemporary technique, but by translating the fundamental principles of design into innovative and immersive environments thoughtfully.

Our ambition lies in the audiovisual synthesis between sound, light, video and space. We love all sorts of [unusual] screens and approaches and we appreciate if our digital works are presented in real-life-situations.

Deutsches Museum Nuremberg,
Spacial Installation, 2024

Lux Helsinki Festival, Helsinki Cathedral,
Videomapping, 2024

Chronos Ex Machina
Deutsches Museum Munich,
Videoinstallation, 2022

The Wind
Signal Festival Prague,
Church of St. Cyril & Methodius Prague,
Videoinstallation, 2021

So lange ein Atemzug in uns lebendig ist
Tempelhof Airport,
Videoinstallation, 2019

Prefectural Art Museum Miyazaki,
Videomapping, 2019

Tech Stura
Light Move Festival Lodz,
Videomapping, 2018

Abstractions in Concrete
Funkhaus Berlin,
Videoinstallation, 2018

Homage / Collage
Genius Loci Festival Weimar,
Videomapping, 2015

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Phil Max Schöll

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