We are a Berlin-based studio for design & audiovisual content.

We create Motion Design.
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
Event Graphic & Motion Design
Event Design Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
© 2020-23
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen is the largest global manufacturer of offset printing presses.

Since 2020, Weltraumgrafik is contributing graphic and motion design for Heidelberg Events, producing contents for projection, led-walls, on-air-graphics, intros, teasers, trailers aswell as presentation, layout, graphic and print contents.
Commissioned by Die Paten and Tollkühn.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen

Event Direction
Die Paten Film & Postproduction GmbH
Tollkühn Berlin GmbH

Forecast Festival
Festival Trailer
Forecast Festival Trailer
© 2022
00:59 / HD / 25p
We created the annually trailer for Forecast Festival.
Forecast is a Berlin-based art-festival which offers mentorships for audacious minds. It acts as an interdisciplinary network for artistic knowledge transfer. Each year, the results of these interchanges between mentors and mentees are exhibited at Radialsystem, Berlin.
Design, Animation, Concept
Phil Max Schöll


Forecast Festival

Radialsystem, Berlin

Campaign against antisemitism
Yad Vashem -
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
Yad Vashem - Digital Mapping Campaign
© 2020
03:30 / 4K / 30p
5 big German companies are adopting the working definition of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance into their Corporate Values - Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bahn, Borussia Dortmund, Volkswagen & Mercedes-Benz Group. For the campaign for Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, we created digital videomapping content and motion design.
Lead Agency
Direction, Production, Shooting
Die Paten Film & Postproduction GmbH

Yad Vashem
Mercedes-Benz Group
Borussia Dortmund
Deutsche Bahn
Deutsche Bank

Phil Max Schöll

Bauhaus Spirit
Motion graphics for documentary
Motion Graphics for the documentary "Bauhaus Spirit"
© 2018
Released as part of the 100 years of Bauhaus anniversary, the film shows how Bauhaus shaped the past and influences our world today. For the film we created animations in between the given-historic form and an artistic futuristic style.
The film describes the fascinating story of the Bauhaus as statement, failure and renewal of a social utopia. And it tells of artists, scientists and architects today, who, in their examinations of current challenges also relate to the Bauhaus. That way, the story of this unfinished utopian project with its manifold exciting cross-references unfolds before our eyes while always keeping in touch with the questions still topical today:
How do we want to live, where do we want to go?

*The scene shows Dessau's Törten-Settlement and refers to the Bauhaus-Architect Ernst Neufert, who worked out very exact references for spatial requirements in buildings, pictured here by measuring vector lines.
Bauhaus Spirit - Vom Bauen der Zukunft

Part of
100 Jahre Bauhaus

Filmtank in Coproduction with Arte / ZDF

Niels Bolbrinker, Thomas Tielsch

Animation, Design
Yorgos Karagiorgos

Motion Design
Phil Max Schöll

Christian Mio Loclair

Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld
The sun roars into view

Daimler Trucks and Busses
IAA Reveal film
2018, September 20-27
Transforming Transportation
© 2018
Reveal film for the new Mercedes Benz Actros at IAA 2018, Hannover

*2019 New York Festivals, World Bronze Medal, Event Openers
Daimler Trucks & Busses

Concept, Direction
Die Paten Film & Postproduction GmbH

Motion Design
Phil Max Schöll

Katrin Funcke
Sika Digital Asset Manager
Explanatory Film
Sika Digital Asset Manager
Explanatory Film
© 2018
Simple and short Explanatory Film for the Swiss Sika AG
Sika AG

Concept, Design, Animation
Phil Max Schöll

Gilbert Wasser